Overview Map

The Overview Map on this page displays a composite view with all of the RUDG Locations symbolized. Use the map to understand where the different regional urban design guidelines may apply. The other maps that follow are specific to each of the RUDG Locations.

RUDG Locations

The locations were prescribed in the 1997 Base Reuse Plan and refined during the 2015 public planning process. RUDG are required for BRP consistency  at BRP designated Town & Village Center, Gateway, Regional Circulation Corridor, Trail, and the Highway 1 Design Corridor Locations. Opportunity sites emerged during the RUDG public process and are Locations where the RUDG are encouraged – but not required for BRP consistency.

Map Terms

  • COE Parcel: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers identified each Fort Ord property with a coding system of a letter and numbers, aka the “COE” coding system.
  • HMP_category: Habitat Management Plan ( 1997) has four designations for future use of each parcel.
  • Authority: One of two acronyms will be attached to the parcel, “EDC” meaning Economic Development Conveyance, which is transferred to the recipient via FORA as per the E.D.C. Agreement, “PBC” meaning Public Benefit Conveyance, which is transferred from the Army to a jurisdiction, agency or non-profit with a federal sponsor and a deed restriction on the property’s use for roughly 30 years.

Navigation Help

Each of the maps in this website is dynamic. It is possible to pan and zoom about the map to look closer at specific areas. Use the tools in the top menu bar, as well as scroll arrows on the right side of the map to search by project name or address, display the map legend, layers list, base map selector, regional locator, printing and sharing tools. If you get stuck using the interactive maps contact FORA Planning staff at (831) 883-3672 or info@fora.org.