These Regional Urban Design Guidelines, together with the Highway 1 Design Corridor Guidelines (2005) (collectively referred to as RUDG) , apply to Town & Village Centers, Gateways, Regional Circulation Corridors, Trails, and the Highway 1 Design Corridor on the former Fort Ord. They provide Base Reuse Plan (BRP) policy refinement to ensure that matters of visual importance are cohesive, attractive, functional and sustainable. The guidelines may be used to meet FORA’s land use jurisdictions’ individual community development objectives and become integrated into local legislative land use documents.

The urban design guidelines will establish standards for road design, setbacks, building height, landscaping, signage, and other matters of visual importance.” (BRP p. 61).

Since 1994, the US Army and FORA have transferred ownership to multiple jurisdictions: Municipal, County, State, Federal and Educational. The FORA Board has the responsibility to review and certify the underlying jurisdiction’s legislative land use documents (i.e. General Plans, Specific Plans, and Zoning Codes) and project specific entitlements for BRP consistency.

Once adopted by the FORA Board, these design guidelines will be utilized for land use actions within the former Fort Ord area as follows:

  1. Where a local agency has existing legislative land use documents determined consistent with the BRP by the FORA Board, the local agency may use the RUDG to inform matters of visual importance.
  2. Where a local agency submits a new or an amendment to an existing legislative land use document for a BRP consistency determination, FORA shall use the RUDG in determining consistency.
  3. Where a local agency submits a project level/development entitlement for a BRP consistency determination, the project is subject to the local agency’s legislative land use documents in effect at the time the project was approved by the local agency.
  1. These guidelines apply to State and Federal agencies whenever the underlying user is a private for- or non-profit company under a lease or partnership arrangement that establishes private use of State or Federal land.
  2. These guidelines apply to Town & Village Centers, Gateways, Regional Circulation Corridors, and Trails within the former Fort Ord. Board adopted Highway 1 Design Corridor Guidelines (2005) remain applicable as adopted.
  3. In cases where these guidelines may conflict with or omit BRP requirements the BRP governs.