The proposals on these pages are presented for consideration only and symbols, shapes, color palettes, and mounting techniques may all be considered independently.

Option 1. Circular medallion style – use of FORA oak tree logo provides continuity post-FORA.

The opening and closing dates remind us of the dual benefits the American people have enjoyed from this site: the history of training troops for the Pacific theater of World War II, and the civic act of returning the site to the public as a national preserve. The six stars around the border represent the six municipalities which now make up Historic Fort Ord. Colors are meant to reflect the natural landscape as well as the military aesthetic.

Option 2. Military insignia – private first class

The shape of the military insignia badge is easily recognizable to any serviceman, and is used to emphasize the history of the site. The shape of a Private First Class badge reminds us of the many new recruits who were trained here. The text across the bottom reads “Continuing to Serve the Monterey Bay Area”, emphasizing former Fort Ord’s transition from military to civil service.

Gateway Signage

The rolling coastal hills of the historic Fort Ord and current National Monument offer a unifying design element for gateway signage. In addition, California State University, Monterey Bay is a central asset to Fort Ord recovery and future university villages. Existing campus signage provides another brand aesthetic which could be a starting point broad regional signage design.