• Establish a pattern of landscaping of major and minor streets, including continuous street tree plantings to define gateways to the former Fort Ord and enhance the visual quality and environmental comfort within the community (BRP p. 71).
  • Assure that the 8th Street Bridge serves as a major gateway to the Fort Ord Dunes State Park (BRP p. 154).
  • Coordinate development plans to provide for integrated, well-designed gateway design concepts to the former Fort Ord and CSUMB (BRP p 165).


  1. Character. Create welcoming gateways and establish the aesthetic character of the community. Leverage the academic reuse of the former Fort Ord. Ensure gateways acknowledge military history while focusing on the emerging educational community.
  2. Coordination. Gateway landscape and development plans are coordinated among relevant jurisdictions and agencies.
  3. Design Elements.Mark gateways by design elements such as; signage, landscaping, statues, sculptures, architectural features, roadway surface materials, lighting, viewpoints, interpretive facilities. Well-designed gateways will allow travelers to recognize that they are entering or exiting former Fort Ord lands. An element that is repeated becomes readily recognizable.
  4. Edges. Use gateways to mark edges, boundaries and transitions onto the former Fort Ord and from one community/jurisdictions to the next. Gateways that identify edges serve a wayfinding purpose and help orient visitors.
  5. Entryways. Place entryways at key points of transitions to and thru former Fort Ord lands.