• Establish specific design and signage standards for the State Highway 1 Scenic Corridor to minimize the visual impact of development (BRP p. 62).
  • Signage is stationary and not changing, flashing or animated and signage support structures preserve views of sky, ocean, dunes and ridgelines. (Highway 1 Design Corridor Guidelines (HDGC) 2005)
  • Prohibit the use of billboards in the Highway 1 Corridor (HDGC 2005).
  • Preserve landscape character of the Highway 1 Design Corridor as a buffer between the Highway 1 right-of-way and development (HGDC 2005).
  • Establish a maximum building height related to an identified mature landscape height to accommodate higher intensity land uses appropriate to this location without detracting from the regional landscape character of the State Highway 1 Scenic Corridor (HGDC 2005).

Measures (from HGDC 2005)

  1. Marina: Building heights limited to 40’ maximum, with exception of optional heights designated in the Marina General Plan OR
  2. Seaside:  Buildings in excess of 40’ tall may be built at the Main Gate, where regional retail use is permitted by the BRP and Seaside General Plan, if it is determined by the Seaside City Council that said taller buildings will serve as attractive landmarks and/or enhance the economic development prospects of this area.
  3. Buildings and signs setback 100’ from Caltrans right-of-way. Sign support structures for all freestanding signs located outside 100’ Caltrans right-of-way setback and additional 100’ off-ramp and on-ramp setback at Lightfighter Drive and Imjin Parkway. Future public facilities such as a water pipeline infrastructure and a visitors center allowed in Highway 1 Corridor west of Highway 1.
  4. Signs mounted on buildings below 40’ and eave or parapet line. Sign illumination and glare minimized – Down lighting utilized. Base of signs designed to blend with coastal dune character (i.e. earth-tone colors tan, brown, forest green, gray or dark blue).
  5. Average 25’ landscape setback provided along Highway 1 to accommodate and protect mature trees. Trees (≥ 6” trunk diameter and in reasonable condition) preserved within 25-feet of Caltrans right-of-way and at gateways.