The Fort Ord Reuse Authority (FORA) commissioned the Dover, Kohl & Partners Team to develop a set
of Regional Urban Design Guidelines that meet individual community objectives while also ensuring that
private development projects and public improvements made across the multiple jurisdictions support the
cohesive, sustainable reuse of the former Fort Ord – i.e., that the whole is greater than the sum of the
parts. In particular, the design guidelines are intended to achieve the six Design Principles
included in the 1997 Base Reuse Plan (BRP).

Strategic Economics prepared this Economic and Market Update to inform the process of developing the
design guidelines. As part of the analysis for this report, Strategic Economics assessed historic and
projected demographic and employment growth trends in Monterey County, evaluated local real estate
market conditions, and interviewed local brokers, developers, and economic development professionals.
The analysis also included a review of the BRP, the 2012 Base Reuse Plan Reassessment (which included
an extensive market and economic analysis), and other previous studies related to economic trends, the
real estate market, and development at the former Fort Ord. This report builds on the findings from the
2012 analysis, as well as on the many other market and economic analyses that have been conducted in
recent years for Fort Ord, but provides updated data and information that are specifically targeted
towards informing the design guidelines.

The remainder of this introduction provides a summary of key findings from the report. Chapter II
describes the development context in the former Fort Ord, including the economic opportunities and
barriers that continue to shape the base’s ongoing reuse. Chapter III reviews demographic, housing stock,
and employment trends in Monterey County, and discusses the implications for residential and
commercial development at Fort Ord. Chapters IV and V review recent trends in the residential and commercial real estate markets, respectively, including a discussion of the short- and long-term potential for the market to deliver different types of development in Fort Ord.

Summary of Key Findings

Click on the section headings below to read summaries of the key conclusions from the Market & Economic Analysis. See the full update for additional data and information.