Gateway to the Monument

The City of Seaside will acquire a developable swath of land between its current eastern development boundary at General Jim Moore Boulevard and the edge of the scenic Fort Ord National Monument. The National Monument boasts spectacular recreational biking and hiking trails that serve as an amenity for the region. If carefully planned, new development forming the connection between Seaside and the Monument could accentuate the lasting benefit of this proximity.

Conditions exist for new development to form visual gateways to the Monument at a number of intersections along General Jim Moore Boulevard. Possible new gateways exist at: Ord Grove Avenue, San Pablo Avenue, Broadway Avenue, Hilby Avenue, Kimball Avenue, and Plumas Avenue, among others.

Broadway Avenue forms one of Seaside’s grandest ascending vistas to the Monument. Special attention could be paid to creating an architectural arrangement at the east end of the street to both terminate the grand vista of the street and to frame the longer view to the Monument. This could be accomplished dramatically with a building that has substantial mass such as a hotel with focal towers. The view looking back down Broadway Avenue toward the ocean would be a spectacular panorama across the town and out over Monterey Bay.