Northeast Gateway

Reservation Road is a major Marina thoroughfare. There is an opportunity to create a gateway to multiple destinations where Reservation Road intersects with Imjin Road and Imjin Parkway. This location provides acces north to Marina airport, east to Marina’s downtown, west to East Garrison, and south to university housing, the Dunes at Monterey Bay and CSUMB.

New commercial development, including commercial and office space, along Reservation Road could create a finer grained, interconnected network of small walkable blocks and streets. A connected pattern of blocks and streets would distribute traffic, provide additional options for pedestrians and cyclists, and create a diverse range of street addresses for different uses and building types. At the same time, building fronts could face streets and public spaces to activate those features and enhance the overall walkability so that driving is one of many options to get around.

Reservation Road could be retrofitted as a multi-way boulevard to accommodate traffic while encouraging walking and biking. Side access lanes along the boulevard could provide a low speed environment with on-street parking facing the fronts of adjacent buildings. Street trees could line all public streets in order to provide shade and comfort to pedestrians, as well as visual friction to slow down the speed of vehicular traffic. Covered walkways and arches integrated into the design of buildings could provide additional shade, which could create an inviting destination for pedestrians. Drivers could park their vehicles in the parking allocated behind the buildings, easily accessible through side streets away from the intersection.

Prominent public spaces at all four intersection corners and the possible roundabout addition could be opportunities to situate gateway monuments. Special attention could be given to creating monuments that reflect former the emerging educational communities, natural resources at the National Monument and State Parks, and/or the rich military history of the former Fort Ord.