Lightfighter Drive Gateway

The Highway 1 exit at Lightfighter Drive is a major gateway to the City of Seaside, CSUMB and the Fort Ord National Monument. The Lightfighter Drive Gateway is uniquely positioned to grow over time into a walkable, mixed-use center, creating a sense of arrival, and grow into a destination for the Monterey region.

New development could create a more fine grained, interconnected network of small walkable blocks and streets. A connected pattern of blocks and streets would distribute traffic, provide additional options for pedestrians and cyclists, and create a diverse range of street addresses for different uses and building types. At the same time, the fronts of buildings could face toward streets to activate public spaces and enhance the overall walkability of the area so that multiple transit options exist as envisioned in the 1997 BRP.

Major streets like Lightfighter Drive and 2nd Avenue could be retrofitted as multi-way boulevards to accommodate traffic while also encouraging walking and biking. Side access lanes along the boulevard provide a low speed environment with on-street parking facing the fronts of adjacent buildings. Street trees could line public streets in order to provide shade and comfort to pedestrians, as well as visual friction to slow down the speed of vehicular traffic.

Prominent public spaces and the possible addition of roundabouts at key intersections such as at Lighfighter Drive and 2nd Avenue are opportunities to create a series of gateway monuments. Special attention could be given to creating monuments that reflect former the emerging educational communities, natural resources at the National Monument and State Parks, and/or the rich military history of the former Fort Ord.