Connections: Del Monte and 2nd Avenue

The City of Marina has an opportunity to create a direct connection between its current commercial heart on Del Monte Boulevard to the newly developing areas south along Imjin Parkway and 2nd Avenue. With careful planning, a new street could connect the southern end of Del Monte Boulevard to the north end of 2nd Avenue. This new north-south route could run parallel to Highway 1, and give the option to travelers currently forced to use the highway for local trips. Ideally, this major new connection could be supplemented with a web of additional secondary connections to further distribute car trips and to increase walkability. New development could be in the form of complete neighborhoods, composed of interconnected networks of blocks and streets, and populated with a diverse range of street-oriented buildings. Each new neighborhood could have a clearly defined center, which could feature a mix of uses catering to local needs. A well-appointed trail system could connect important destinations. Trail systems could be located in a combination of broad greenbelts forming the edges of neighborhoods, and integrated into neighborhood streets on more formal greenways.