After two years of comprehensive planning and community participation, the FORA Board unanimously adopted the Regional Urban Design Guidelines at its June 10, 2016 meeting.


These Regional Urban Design Guidelines (RUDG) were developed for the Fort Ord Reuse Authority (FORA) as directed by the 1997 Fort Ord Base Reuse Plan (BRP). They are refinements of existing BRP policy and were completed as a separate implementation action.


These RUDG establish standards for road design, setbacks, building height, landscaping, signage, and other matters of visual importance. They provide jurisdictions, developers and the public guidance on matters of visual importance to former Fort Ord reuse.


Town & Village Centers, Gateways, Regional Circulation Corridors, Trails, and the Highway 1 Scenic Corridor on the former Fort Ord lands were identified as regionally important locations requiring RUDG development in the 1997 BRP and refined during the 2015 RUDG public design process.

The urban design guidelines will establish standards for road design, setbacks, building height, landscaping, signage, and other matters of visual importance.

-Base Reuse Plan, p. 61