Ranking in the Google

Ranking in the Google

Ranking in the Google Top 10 Below 9 Position on Page 1 of Google

Let’s face it, the aim of the search engines is to provide the searcher with the most relevant results that give their search engine ranking, and also to give it away for free.

So, one has to get the best possible results in the eyes of Google, and improve the relevance and quality of their site to be in the first few of the search results. What constitutes a ‘relevant’ site?

Well, there’s no fixed rule in this area, and different search engines have different criteria in making their decisions, but broadly speaking, here are the main factors in making your site a good match for Google, and putting you in the top 10 of the Google search results: 비아그라 퀵 배송

1. Web Page Content

Content is king on the web and people seem to be fully focused on enhancing their page contents:

These are just some of the general factors that Google takes into account, and the more relevant they are to your site, the better your rank.

Now I’m not saying to completely ignore these points…but it is also important to understand that the more important these ‘on page’ factors are to Google, the more important your actual content is likely to be, and consequently how much of a ranking ‘bounce’ you will take from Google given your own positioning.

2. Site heading tags

Page headings, the main element that differentiates one page from another, should contain some keywords that you choose as search terms:

Using your site heading might be unhelp if you happen to only target one phrase. However, if you have other less competitive keywords as well it is actually a great method to bring in more traffic.

As I say, every page on your site does not need to be following exactly the same approach, so you are free to deviate from the above when you can.

3. Text formatting

Nobody reads an entire web page, we’re more interested in the textual content, and so will largely take only what is written on the page. (Well, almost.)

So, formatting words shouldn’t be ‘picked’ – they should be grammatically correct. Don’t assume everyone knows what H1, H2, H3, and so on mean, just as I assume they don’t know what CSS means.

And formatted text should be above the fold, meaning: the reader needs to click on the headline to read more.

4. Linking

A good link can do wonders for your site, so it’s important to think about the best practices here.

Always try to stay on topic, and only place links in the text of your post. Remember, don’t goall-googling-on-auto-pilot- delete every URLs of your posts on your own site.

And nowadays, when considering the links, it’sespecially important to avoidImages as a link, ‘crap’ as their names – Google will be all but throwing up an instant caution flag.

Don’t forget, just because you have an image in your post, that doesn’t mean it necessarily represents a somehow related topic. For example, I have a couple of pieces of content regarding search engine optimization; one on local SEO and one on SEO by the help of webmaster tools. So, whether or not the image is a link, it’sbookmarked on Google because I’ve bookmarked it.

Another important factor is theclick-through-rateof a link. This is theNumber of Users clicking on the link

Now I’m not going to get into the technical information regarding on-page SEO here, but the tip here is to just take your time and concentrate on writing good content and creating listings and links that people want to click on.

I’m sure that after reading this excellent article anyone who has ever tried search engine promotion will agree that it’s worthwhile to target the long-tail of search terms and phrases.

Long-tail search terms tend to be less competitive than shorter phrases and they’re easier to rank meaningfully for in the eyes of Google. But don’t forget that millions of dollars are being spent across the internet onpositioning and optimisation for these search terms! Ranking in the Google

Think deep, look deep and write long-tail! It’s a technique that will bring you targeted traffic and it’s probably one of the easiest ways to get free targeted traffic. Ranking in the Google